Art Beasties seeks to broaden and deepen the understanding of contemporary Japanese art to international audience, promoting individuality and diversity of esthetics away from the influence of dominant mainstream Japanese pop culture.

With our first group show Introductions we offer you a first glimpse into the works of artists who's practice centers on the individual and academic exploration of self identity; artists brought together by a common goal of expanding the context of what it means to be a Japanese Artist.

Through hosting pop-up show around the city and curating an online registrar of Japanese artists Art Beasties seeks to create alternative roads for audience, artists and critics to discover and share in critical discussion about Japanese contemporary art.


2016/5-6 ART BEASTIES, Hyōgo, JP
ART BEASTIES presents, The Hyōgo Prefectural Museum - experimental group exhibition

2015/4/2-5/2 "Time Defference" by ART BEASTIES, Seattle, WA
ART BEASTIES presents, SOIL gallery - experimental group exhibition

2015/4/2-4/5 POPUP by ART BEASTIES, Seattle, WA
ART BEASTIES presents, Prole Drift gallery - experimental group exhibition

2014/9/26-9/28 "ART BEASTIES 1ST ANNIVERSARY", Dumbo, NY
ART BEASTIES presents, OPEN STUDIO - experimental exhibition

2014/3/18-3/22 "Fluid Destination" ART BEASTIES 2nd group exhibition, Lower Eastside, NY
Curated by Sessa Englund

2014/1/29-1/31 "Introductions" ART BEASTIES group exhibition, Brooklyn, NY
Curated by Sessa Englund
art beasties Founder / Art Director
Ko IRKT - Multimedia artist
art beasties Founder / Creative Director
MAHO HIKINO - Video artist